Computer Service

New Ryzen Build

Brief: Client wanted an upgrade from her old All-in-One Desktop which was very slow, in order to play HD video, work on her university course and live video conference. 


Solution: Installed an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G processor, Asus Motherboard,  8GB Ram and 120GB SSD as the boot drive.into a new Thermaltake case with a 500w Power Supply. 

Connected in clients own DVD Burner and existing Hard Drive.

Gaming Upgrade

Brief: 13 year old spent his birthday money upgrading his modern, but fairly slow computer. He wanted to play his games with a faster frame rate and less lag. He had a relatively small budget.

Solution: Replaced his Celeron Processor with the latest generation Pentium G4560, installed a GeForce GT1030 Graphics card, an extra 4GB ram, and a 120gb SSD to help boot times. the difference was night and day. a very happy young man!

Andy Percy
Denmark, Western Australia
0414 199 367
ABN 35 959 634 474

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